Monitor all your sites in one place.

Uptime, add-ons, server info, commits, deployments, and more…all at a glance.

Lamplighter Overivew

Be a more efficient development shop, right now.

Manage Your Maintenance

You'll be omnicient about what properties need attention, which is supremely useful when you have numerous maintenance contracts and need to prioritize those updates.

Empower Your Team

Add team members so they can access all the relevant information about the sites they'll be working with. Nothing provides a faster overview, which means more effective team members immediately.

Master Your Domain(s)

Know when your favorite CMS's are updated, when add-ons are released, when sites go down, and more. You'll have a unique "live" look at all your properties like you've never had before.


Our time-saving and security-minded features give you a master overview of all the sites you maintain. Be organized and always make sure your team is in the loop!

Site Uptime

All sites are automatically set up to be pinged once a minute. You can view a rolling uptime graph for each site.

Email/SMS Notifications

Get notified immediately when a site goes down, either by text or email (or both).

Add-on Info & Downloads

View add-ons across all your sites. Know when add-ons are outdated and download updates directly from within Lamplighter (DLs for EE CMS only)

Server Information

Get all the info about the server your site is on right here. No hunting down phpInfo() on each server.

Daily Email Reports

Daily emails give you a quick look at metrics such as uptime, pagespeed, and out-of-date add-ons for all your sites.

Page Speed Insights

See Pagespeed scores for your sites to know which sites need the most attention and improvement.


The timeline is a master overview of all your events, and notifies you about new CMS releases and available add-on updates.

Securely Share Information

Keep all site info in secure (encrypted) notes. You can easily and securely (no email trail!) share notes with people who don't have a Lamplighter account.

Commits & Deployment Info

See commits and deployments across all sites and repos in your timeline. Github, Bitbucket, Beanstalk, DeployHQ, etc.

Multiple Users

Add team members to quickly get them up-to-date on existing projects. There are various permission levels for each member.

Two Factor Auth

Optionally enable two-factor auth for your entire account for added security.

Robust API

You can create your own dashboards, apps, or notification systems with our API.

Do these features sound like they could make your company more efficient or save you time and money? If so, view our plans and select one that's right for you. Not convinced? Keep reading to see what others have to say about how Lamplighter helps their business.

“Lamplighter has been invaluable in adding organization and accountability to our maintenance program. We can now monitor dozens of sites at a high level across multiple content management systems and understand what needs to be addressed. The integration with Beanstalk and the global timeline are also particularly useful in making sure our team is always in the loop.”

Caddis Interactive Michael Leigeber, Co-founder
Caddis Interactive

Timeline Events Logged



“We rely on Lamplighter every time we update a site, which is pretty much constantly. It's a great tool to let us know in a glance how out-of-date the client is and how much work the upgrade will be.”

Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing Curt Heywood, Web Developer
Hop Studios

3 Easy Steps

Adding a site is easy. You'll quickly realize how adding more sites and their integrations makes Lamplighter that much more valuable.


Add a site to Lamplighter

Add a Site to Lamplighter

Fill out a couple fields, select the CMS (or not) and get the site token.


Install Lamplighter and add site token

Install Lamplighter & Add Token

Install the Lamplighter add-on/plugin in the CMS, and enter the site token in the settings.


Lamplighter give a complete overview

See Everything in One Place

Get an unparallelled overview of the site in Lamplighter. Optionally add integrations for an even more detailed look.

Plans & Pricing



2 months free! (17% off)

Studio $79/mo$790/year
($65.83 mo)

Unlimited Sites

Multiple Users

Full API

Priority Support

Get Started Now Get Started Now

Plus $39/mo$390/year
($32.50 mo)

40 Sites

Multiple Users

Email/SMS Uptime Alerts

Timeline API

Get Started Now Get Started Now

Basic $19/mo$190/year
($15.83 mo)

10 Sites

1 User

Get Started Now Get Started Now

If you require something custom, we'd be happy to work with you. Contact us!

All plans have a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee and include site uptime monitoring, add-on info and downloads, server info, daily emails, page speed, company and site timelines, secure notes, commits & deployment integrations, and two-factor auth. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

We currently have add-ons/plugins for ExpressionEngine, Craft, and WordPress.