Monitor all your sites in one place.

Uptime, add-ons, server info, commits, deployments, and more…all at a glance.

Lamplighter Overivew

Feature Packed

Time is money. Our features enable your team to work smarter and more efficiently–giving you more time to make more money. Know when your CMS or its add-ons are out of date, see all commits and deployments, and store and securely share information with your clients and team. Not enough? Use our API to do your own thing.

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Know What's Up and What's Next

Lamplighter is great for teams, and particularly for maintenance contracts. Always know what's happening across all your sites with the timeline, and know what you should be working on next when it comes to keeping up on your client sites.

Websites are never finished.

Website management is an ongoing process. Nothing makes it easier than Lamplighter.

Here are a few samples of how you might utilize Lamplighter:

Lamplighter works with these content management systems:

Craft ExpressionEngine Wordpress

We know web shops aren't always one-trick ponies, so unlike other monitoring apps, we support more than a single CMS (you can even add sites that don't use a CMS at all). Don't see your preferred CMS? Email us and let us know what you'd like to see.


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The Lamplighter Team

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